About Us

New Possibilities Associates
 offers planning, training, facilitating, ongoing consulting, and coaching for leaders.

We specialize in sustainable solutions to tough problems in environments of rapid change.
New Possibilities Associates:

Howard Mason — Principal

My work is advancing new ways to make organizations successful, address the most pressing problems, and create sustainable communities. I am committed to nurturing social change agents and social entrepreneurs, and to supporting leaders who are engaging in fresh practices and approaches, shifting cultures and bringing new life to their communities and colleagues.

I am Principal of New Possibilities Associates in Louisville, which offers planning, training, facilitating, ongoing consulting, and coaching for leaders. My previous work is in planning, developing, and leading change strategies for community and organizational systems. I help groups find new solutions to difficult problem, host conversations that matter, build community. Experienced in large group facilitation, I use multiple modalities including Open Space Technology, World Cafe, and Theory U.


Doug Lowry
— Partner

My work is to serve as an enspirited teacher and facilitator. I help others gain openness, clarity, and insight into vocation, and the disciplines that invoke personal and corporate success. Passionate about justice and human need, I have worked as a change agent in fairness and racism, organizational life, aging and healthcare, not-for-profit excellence, public K-12 education and environmental sustainability.

I am a Partner in New Possibilities Associates and a seminary-trained former hospital administrator who consults in organizational development. I help individuals, groups, organizations, nonprofits,
faith communities and businesses identify and achieve critical goals by exploring new ideas, maximizing possibilities, and investigating situational potential.  As an artist, plant lover, and writer I seek to add beauty, knowing, and meaning along the way.


Jan Pfeifer
— Partner

My work is creating and facilitating opportunities for people to connect more deeply with each other and themselves. As an architect, I find parallels that emerge from the creative design process applied to physical forms and spaces and to the spaces and forms that emerge between and within people as they come together in new and different ways that are less defining and limiting.

I am a Partner in New Possibilities Associates. My experience is in designing and leading retreats, creating small group experiences and facilitating groups and organizations, as they move from chaos to clarity around questions of intention and purpose. My work is grounded in an exploration of the relationship between living an authentic life, integrating body, mind and spirit and the effect that has in one's community and the physical world in which we live.


Jud Hendrix
— Partner

My work is to join with others in cultivating local and global communities of compassion, consciousness and creativity. Through group facilitation, teaching, community organizing and personal and group spiritual direction I seek to create environments for personal and social transformation.

I am a Partner in New Possibilities Associates, the Convening Pastor with Covenant Community Church, the Director of The Center For Integral Spirituality and the Ecclesia Project and an Adjunct Professor at Bellarmine University. In each of these areas I bring an integral model to change and transformation seeking to integrate body, mind, soul and in spirit in self, nature and culture.
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