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SesThe Integral Enneagram

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Session 1: Introduction

Jud Hendrix and Tanja Eckenboom introduce the main Enneagram concepts and place Enneagram work in the context of integral practice.

Session 2: The Instinctual (Gut) Triad
In Session two we explore the Instinctual Triad (types 8,9,1) with a panel conversation.  (Allison Huff, Jim McArthur and Beth Van Sickle)

Session 3: The Heart Triad
Session 3 explores the heart triad (types 2,3,1) through a panel discussion with Katie Gaughan, Kay Stevens and Danny Flanigan.

Session 4: The Head Triad
Session 4 expores the head tried (types 5,6,7) through a panel discussion with Bob Walker and Teri Peterson.


The Enneagram Personality Typology

The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types combining traditional wisdom with modern psychology - a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives - with three major applications:

  • Leadership development, teambuilding and communication skills for business
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Successful relationships at home and at work

The Enneagram offers a way to manage personality through the practice of self awareness. It supports us in becoming more effective in our lives, and it offers a path of opening our hearts and developing personal presence.

One of the most practical ways of using the Enneagram is in our relationships at home and at work. By understanding our own patterns, defensive reactions and blind spots we are able to become more flexible and skillful with the people in our lives. When we understand how others think and feel, we become more tolerant and compassionate. (And we don't have to take it so personally when we bump into other people's edges.)

The Enneagram describes both our higher potentials and our limitations. It makes specific suggestions for how each personality type can become more skillful in love and work.

The Integral Enneagram will give you the tools and knowledge to:

  • Increase your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Increase your self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Understand your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Build successful relationships at home and at work
  • Support your strengths, identify your blind spots and manage personal reactivity
  • Develop your inner life

Our services include:

  • Training - We bring the wisdom of the Enneagram to a variety of organizational settings including businesses, work teams, nonprofit organizations and faith communities. Training is tailored to honor the organizational type and culture.
  • Workshops and Retreats - Workshops and retreats provide a powerful venue for experiencing the wisdom of the Enneagram and can be offered over a weekend or a series of events.
  • Coaching - The Enneagram is a powerful for tool for executive and personal coaching. We integrate the wisdom of the Enneagram into holistic approach to personal and personal growth.

We offer three Levels of Enneagram Training:

Level One - Introduction and overview
The first 3-hour session presents the Enneagram system and the strengths and challenges of nine personality types. Most participants will be able identify their Enneagram style while others will continue to explore between several possibilities. This program opens up the conversation about different styles at work, in community and within relationships and provides suggestions and tips for professional development and personal practice. Suggested pre-work: participants spend 30-60 minutes prior to the training completing a free online Enneagram Test and bring the results to the session.

Level Two - Putting it to work
An Additional 3 to 4-hour sessions focus on specific applications of the Enneagram tailored to the needs of the organization or group. These sessions include both presentation and learning activities, ending with a personalized plan for continued learning and skill development. Specific Topics Include: Leadership, Effective Communication, High Performing Teams and Committees, Centering and Self Management, Decision-making with Three Centers of Intelligence, Managing and Mediating Conflict, Defense Systems, Instinctual Subtypes

Level Three - In-depth training and coaching

Advanced training sessions are available in each area of professional development, tailored to the needs of your organization. Enneagram based coaching for leaders and team members can accompany or follow after training sessions. Specific coaching with executives and managers allows the wisdom of the enneagram to move from a service level engagement to deep organizational culture change.

Program Titles

Integral & Inspirited Leadership with the Enneagram

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify your leadership style, including your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know your positive and negative impact on others
  • Working from your essence and deep work instead of reacting from your egoic personality
  • Build rapport with different enneagram types
  • Access the intelligence of your mind, heart, and body
  • Develop your personal presence through self awareness and centering practice

Effective Communication with the Enneagram
In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Recognize nine different communication styles
  • Understand your own style and your impact on other people
  • Maximize your strengths and overcome problem areas
  • Adapt the principles of effective communication to your own style
  • Manage your reactions to other people’s communication while keeping your balance
  • Become more skillful at balancing criticism with appreciation

Managing Conflict with the Enneagram
In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Understand the underlying concerns of different personality types and how to address them
  • Find what works best with different types for giving critical feedback
  • Understand your approach to conflict and how you can develop greater skill
  • Manage your reactivity and keep your center during conflict situations.

Build High Performing Teams with the Enneagram
In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify and include the strengths and resources of each team member
  • Develop your system of feedback and support
  • Increase the emotional intelligence and communication skill of team members
  • Make better decisions to get results

Making Effective Decisions with the Enneagram

In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Understand the strengths and blind spots of your personality type in making decisions
  • Access three centers of intelligence and intuition - head, heart and body
  • Improve the effectiveness of your decisions by incorporating eight other points of view
  • Strategize for the best results by including people, resources, obstacles and possibilities

The Enneagram, Faith Communities and Spiritual Growth
In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use the Enneagram as tool for spiritual and personal growth
  • Connect personality structure and Spiritual Gifts
  • Cultivate healthy community dynamics where every personality type is honored
  • Connect enneagram typology to types and areas of service and mission
  • Create unique plan for growth and developing integrating the resources of one’s faith tradition and community.

The Enneagram and Relationships
In this workshop you will learn:

  • How your personality’s point of view and emotional habits affect your relationships.
  • Your patterns of reactivity and some simple techniques for working with them.
  • How your communication style affects other people, and what you can do to get positive results.
  • Tips for building rapport with people of all nine personality types.
  • What different people need in order to feel supported and appreciated at a deep level.

Training, Workshop and Coaching Fees & Packages
Fees differ depending on the nature of the organization and type of training desired. In general, $150.00 per hour can be estimated for groups and organizations and $100 to $75 for individual coaching. Non-profit organizations and faith communities receive a discount as well as individuals receiving coaching who are associated with larger organizations involved in the training program.

Packages my also be developed that provide both group training as well as individual coaching. For example organizations may want to offer a general training for staff and employs and provide a certain number of individual coaching sessions for those who want to go deeper.

For Enneagram Training and Coaching Contact Jud Hendrix

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