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Leaders today grapple with seemingly insoluble problems – wicked problems – problems that, by the very nature of our world today, don't respond to traditional solutions.

How can leaders tap the potential for innovation and action in any group or team? How do we shift recurring group patterns that block productivity and creativity?

As executives, managers, consultants and teachers, how can we work with underlying group dynamics to facilitate quantum growth in the collaborative potential and collective wisdom of our teams?

New Possibilities Associates knows what it take for teams of people to successfully lead in the face of this complex, diverse and rapidly changing reality.

What we do:

Help groups find new, emergent solutions to difficult problem, host conversations that matter, build community.

Offer principles and practices for “taking social innovation to scale” — influencing larger systems through emergence, including knowing and leveraging the life-cycle of any initiative.

Conduct large and small group facilitation to foster co-creation in environments of high uncertainty and disagreement using multiple tools including Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Theory U, Scenario Planning.

Develop and foster enspirited leaders, nurture social change agents and social entrepreneurs, individually and in groups.

Plan, support and evaluate strategies for community change.

Equip leaders for success in planning, implementation, and evaluation of strategies in human and organizational systems. Work with leaders who manage staff, programs, and other functions to meet organizational goals and achieve planned outcomes.

Design, develop and lead training, consultation, workshops, seminars and other educational programs. Adapt these programs to meet specific needs of organizational components.

Our commitment is to finding new solutions to wicked problems.

New Possibilities Associates is dedicated to advancing the success of teams that are forming and working together in new ways to improve health and wellness, fight poverty, create sustainable communities and run our organizations well. We support the leaders who are engaging fresh practices and approaches, shifting cultures and bringing new life to our communities and colleagues.

We help you learn:

  • To go from fragmentation to connection.
  • To ground actions in what is meaningful.
  • To allow all voices to be heard so the collective intelligence can surface.
  • To lead in environments of high complexity, uncertainty and disagreement.

What you will be able to do:

  • Frame powerful questions that open the possibility for wiser action and new results.
  • Create settings where the new order can be developed.
  • Mobilize commitment, energy and intelligence of everyone involved in a problem.
  • Adapt more quickly and effectively to new conditions in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Work in high levels of uncertainty and disagreement to achieve real results.
  • Achieve new solutions that are sustainable and minimize unanticipated consequences.

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