Services of New Possibilities Associates LLC

New Possibilities Associates is a team of highly qualified change facilitators who work groups and organizations as they move from chaos to clarity. We specialize in sustainable solutions to tough problems in environments of rapid change.

Transforming the well-being of our communities and organizations calls on us to meet new challenges of complexity, uncertainty, diversity and rapid change. Here are some of the ways that New Possibilities Associates can help.
Hosting Conversations for Change

Almost all of our work begins with hosting conversations that matter within organizations and communities. These conversations lead to deeper understanding and opening the door to the emergence of new possibilities and wiser action. We see more of the whole picture, we develop insights that can guide wiser actions, we find courage to move forward. It begins by making a place where it is safe to speak our truth and where we are really listening to each other.


Sometimes hosting conversation blends with presenting or training. We look for opportunities to share our learning about what helps to build healthy and resilient organizations and communities. We are able to share principles, patterns and practices about key methods for conversation, inquiry and collective meaning-making. We help groups learn to reach new levels of working together, whether in one-time meetings or large-scale systemic shifts.

Consulting/Hosting Communities of Practice

Conversation and creating spaces for co-creation for new possibilities are the beginning of the work. If we want different results, we have to try doing something new. We must enter into a relationship with each other that has a clear focus on both action and learning. This is a community of practice. Communities of practice exist at different scales, linking people within a particular community or organization and linking people from different communities and organization. For communities of practice to really work, communities and organizations have to consciously commit themselves to new frameworks for action which are explicit, visible and transparent to all involved. Literally, we make the path by walking it and there are a lot of stumbles as well as leaps of faith along the way. The engagements that work best are the ones that allow us to work with a group over time.


Facilitation is similar to hosting. For us, the difference is that facilitation often works with the questions and needs that someone, usually organizational leadership or a decision-making body, brings to a group of people. There may be sharing of decision-making power, but almost always facilitation means working with a group of people to make their views, priorities and concerns a vital part of a change process. Facilitation also works to design a process for moving forward, even when disagreement and uncertainty are high.


Often those who are in positions of leadership need someone from outside their organization who can work with them on transformational change. We help leaders think in new ways about their difficult questions, connect them with others with similar issues, and work with them to find new approaches and ideas.

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