For Presbyteries and Judicators

Rev. Jud Hendrix, Consultant & Coach

Working with leaders, churches and presbyteries to cultivate creative and innovative ecosystems for the emergence of new Christian communities and church transformation.

What the Presbytery receives…

1) Initial on-site consultation

The Presbytery would receive an initial on-site consultation with Jud Hendrix using a contemplative discernment process to determine the specific vision, goals, objectives, responsibilities and timeline for the partnership. A small committee or commission to oversee, support and evaluate the project is recommended. 

  • The initial on-site consultation could include a larger event or gathering to create energy and excitement for the initiative or a smaller social gathering with leaders who will support and champion the new initiative.  
  • I would also be available to meet any local innovators, new church development pastors and teams to explore possible coaching relationships and how to get involved in emerging network.


2) Cultivating An Emergence Team

Forming and equipping an “Emergence Team” made up of 6-10 members of the Presbytery who are interested in “holding space” for emergence and cultivating an innovative and creative culture and eco-system in their churches and within the Presbytery.  Ecosystems where people’s passions, ideas and innovations can emerge, grow and be empowered by the available and future resources.

  • The Emergence Team would learn to create and host generative conversations and events within the Presbytery where passion and good ideas can emerge and begin to take shape.  (i.e. Passion Summits, Ideas Slams, Open Space Conversations) 
  • Form and develop the needed structures for nurturing, supporting and resourcing individuals and groups which emerge from this open space conversations.  Helping the Presbytery become an “incubator” of good ideas and new ministries. (Using Constellation Collaboration Model)
  • The Emergence Team will be the primary connection to the national learning network described below and may participate in regional gatherings and on-line conversations.
  • The emergence team would be one of the groups trained at the “Hosting The Spirit Training Retreat” described below.


3) “Hosting The Spirit” Leadership Training Retreat – a 2 to 3 ½ day retreat for local church and presbytery leaders to provide training in creative process modalities and the conversation arts. 

In order to shift a Presbytery from a system of “control” and “productivity” to ones of “experimentation” and “innovation” we must change the ways in which we come together, relate and do discernment.  Hosting The Spirit is an intensive training retreat which immerses leaders in the theology, principals and practices of “self organizing” and “organic ecosystems” and the “conversation arts” which provide the foundation for creativity and emergence to happen.  The purpose of retreat is to create within the Presbytery a group of trained leaders who are able to use these principals and practices in their own contexts.  The retreat is especially designed to help the moderators of sessions and the presbytery construct appropriate process for meetings and gatherings.

  • Training in hosting Conversation Café, Open Space, World Café, Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, Passion Summit and Idea Slams
  • Handbook on Conversation Arts provided.

4) Peer Learning Groups & Integral and Inspirited Leadership Coaching

 As innovative leaders and new communities form within the Presbytery emerge they will need to develop peer learning groups for support and co-learning. These co-learning groups would also be linked to and supported by other ecumenical leaders and the unique resources of the denomination. We would consult with these peer learning teams and the innovators helping them develop the practices of peer learning and collaboration and link them to a network of others innovators around the country. 

5) Co-Learning Network

In times of reformation and change learning from others in a space of mutuality and collaboration is vital.  Because we don’t know what effective leadership, churches or judicatories will look like in the future, we must co-evolve through staying connected and learning from each other.   Judicatories and community innovators that participate in the network will be invited into a co-learning community. Through on-line conversations and regional gatherings innovators and judicatory leaders will learn from each other and harvest the wisdom and  “best practices” of others doing similar work.


Other Areas For Consulting

There are several other areas where I can provide consultation and guidance based on the unique needs and situation of the Presbytery.

  • Cultivating A Leadership Formation Center (Seminary For All People) The responsibility for training and equipping leaders for Christian Community is no longer just the responsibility of our seminaries, its moving down to the level of the Presbytery.  I have experience on developing leadership curriculums and programs.
  • Transforming Space – Many of our churches are looking for creative ways to support their buildings.  I have experience in helping to transform an existing church into a “Collaboratory For Social Innovation” that now functions as a gather place for 3 worshiping communities, 7 non-profit organizations and shared work space for social innovators.  I can work with individual churches who are moving through this process.
  • House Church Network -  I have a special interest, training and experience in developing House Churches and Intentional Communities and can consult with Presbyteries who may be looking at developing this type of House Church Network and working with the leaders who are starting them.  They would also have access to a house church network currently being developed.  
  • Outreach to Young Adults and The “Spiritual But Not Religious” – I helped to envision, organize and start lead a new church development which specifically reached out to a young postmodern context and have successfully developed young adult programs and ministries and other congregations and within our Presbytery.
  • Creative & Alternative Worship – I have extensive experience in creating and working with “worship teams” and the creation of alternative/contemporary services.  I can consult with churches trying to start and support additional worship experiences.  As well as worship teams seeking to be more creative and innovative in their worship planning and implementation.


About Rev. Jud Hendrix:

I work with churches, Presbyteries and organizations which are seeking to be more creative, innovative and open to the movement of God’s Spirit.  I feel called to participate in the emergence and evolution of God’s Shalom through Christian community innovation, inspirited leadership coaching, creative collaboration, networking with diverse individuals and communities, integral thinking-learning-teaching, organizational development, and spiritual direction for individuals and groups.

Consultation Contract and Fees

Length - The length of the consultation would normally be for one-year, renewable upon mutual agreement. 


Cost and Fees

Negotiable depending upon services provided.

Average $5,000 (+ travel expenses, approximately $1,500 for two on-site visits and facilitating the Hosting The Spirit Retreat).



I am available to do coaching with leaders, community innovators and new church development pastors. Specific coaching with leaders and teams would be negotiated individually. Those receiving coaching are also invited to participate in monthly on-line conversations and discussions with others.  Normally a yearly contract which includes two hour-long phone consultations a month and face to face coaching as available.  (Cost $3,600 per year)


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